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Tips and Uses

Pre-Hunting and Conditioning an area

Not everyone has a deer lease or access to hunting areas full time and as a result it’s harder to tell where the animals are or even where you should start your hunt…..We want to help your odds of being successful…whether that means a monster buck on your wall, a doe in the freezer, chops from a hog or the picture of a lifetime we think we are the ones to help…..When new to an area we suggest looking for signs first. Tracks, droppings, hair on fence lines or even the animals themselves and what they are doing…See how easy the area is to get in and out of. How much cover you have to hide, what direction the wind is blowing and what is your best shot area. Once you have deciphered an area use Bait Powder to lure them in closer or to start a temporary feeding program to condition the area. Use Bait Powder on stopping points, ranch roads, sendaros, brush lines, under and around trees, near hay bales, near creeks or ponds and be sure you are upwind of your conditioned area “unless you’re using Bait Powder as a cover scent”. We can’t make animals appear when there are none, but if they are near we will bring them in.

Stopping Points

When hunting, observing or photographing wild game you need to be thinking about your best shot. Where are the animals going to be coming from, where are they going, Where do you want them to stop or linger? Bait Powder can help! Look for areas that are a little more open than the regular surroundings but will still keep a wild animal in his safe zone….At Triple Edge Outdoors we recommend spreading out our powder on ranch roads, senderos, edge of field lines, between trees, on trails and even fence lines as long as it is safe to do so, be careful!……Don’t forget to think “Beyond Your Target”!

Starting A Feeding Program

Feeding deer corn is one of the most popular methods of keeping a herd of deer in a particular area. Bait Powder can help you start your feeding program and even increase the likelihood of success of that program. Like humans deer have taste buds and crave certain foods at certain times. A good example of this is when acorns drop…how many deer do you see at your feeder? Few to none huh? How about your neighbor and his oat field? 20 deer in that field and none at your feeder, right? Get the point…Corn is great, but it’s not always the solution…. Our flavors are proven and guaranteed to work better than regular deer corn. Mix it up a little….use our Acorn flavor or peanut butter when the acorns have dropped, try the apple when the orchards are ripe or the oat fields are full….try the persimmon when the cactus pears are in bloom or the deer are eating at orange or lemons trees. Don’t forget about the Hogs, they love our stuff too, for better or worse…we will let you decide.

Cover Scent

Even though Bait Powder is designed to lure in wild game it also makes for a great cover scent. They can smell it from farther away and our scents linger in an area a lot longer than your traditional cover scents and attractants. A lot of our customers said they put the open bag in the deer stand with them or spread the powder on the up-wind side to help cover their scent. At Triple Edge Outdoors we love this idea and we endorse it fully, but don’t blame us if you hear a noise and turn around to find a buck’s nose in your stand….just saying…..


Laws and regulations change from state to state. Always check with your local officials for regulations in your area before using any type of bait, feed or attractant.

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